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Complimentary Webinar with Chris Lien

Chris Lien hosted the End of Life Isn’t the End of the Road – What to consider when selecting a replacement for your address correction engine webinar on November 5, 2014. To review this presentation, click the button below.

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Million Records per Hour

USPS Certified Versions: Windows 32, Windows 64, & Linux

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Offer Details

BCC Software knows that companies relying on the ACE product were not planning on the expense or time consuming implementation project involved in replacing your address correction engine. That is why we are offering a low subscription based pricing model and including time with our outstanding Professional Services team. BCC Software understands the challenge in front of you and stand ready to help.

  • $895 per month
  • No long term commitment
  • No upfront license cost
  • No annual renewal fees
  • Included Rooftop Geocoding Module
  • Integration and Transition Assistance Available
  • Bonus Offer: 100,000 record CRM Refresh – includes NCOA, PCOA, ARS / Apartment Append, Suppression, and Deduplication

Selected Features

Datavolve is CASS™ and NCOALink certified on Windows® and Linux® and stands ready to handle your address standardization and move update needs. The flexible and adaptable integration allows you to centrally manage address quality wherever an address is entered, updated, or moved within your environment. Datavolve has both batch and transactional capabilities and is supported by a professional service team of experts with decades of industry experience.

  • CASS™ Certified
  • Optional NCOALink® Module
  • Available on Windows® or Linux®
  • Multi-line Input
  • Name Parsing
  • Batch & Transactional Input
  • Flexible Configuration & Implementation Options, Including a Robust API

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One Deployment for All Your Data Touchpoints

Deploy Datavolve just once and use it everywhere in your organization a record is entered, edited, or accessed. Centralized installation that can be accessed directly or via an API means the possibilities are endless. Doing a mailing or regular database maintenance? Batch input is screaming fast, processing over 10 million records an hour. Customers entering their address on your website or online store? Sales and support capturing customer contacts in your CRM system? Transactional input provides real time look up reducing keystrokes while ensuring accurate data entry.

More access to data than any other provider in the industry.

Datavolve is your gateway to all the data quality offerings available from BCC Software. Go beyond address standardization to access services that unlock the multi-channel capability of your data like change of address processing, demographic append, and email verification & hygiene.

Address Processing is Just the Beginning

Address standardization and list enhancement is just the tip of the iceberg. Datavolve is your entry point into all the solutions offered by BCC Software to ensure timely delivery of the right message, to the right audience, in the right channel. BCC Mail Manager Full Service is designed to exclusively meet the needs of premier-level mailers: high-volume operations requiring maximum flexibility in a powerful, all-in-one mailing software solution that goes well beyond simply presorting your mail.